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Big Girls Don’t Cry

We’re super psyched about this latest project. “Big Girls Don’t Cry” is a series of interviews with prominent female BASE jumpers, done by author Cynthia Lynn, with gorgeous pictures of gorgeous women doing gorgeous BASE jumps. These women just f-ing rock and we’re so excited to bring you their stories, all thanks to the equally rockin’ Cynthia.

Anniken Binz, the first big girl who doesn't cry

If you have your issue #22 already, you’ve read about the woman who started it all, Anne Helliwell, and Anniken Binz. Next month, get ready for Karen Lewis Dalton. You can read more about the project over at Cynthia’s blog, Cynthia Lynn Chronicles, where she has loads more interviews, stories and approximately 384 ways for you to avoid doing work on a Monday morning.

Sky families are the best families. |

Huge thanks to Cynthia for letting us have access to the time, work and spirit she’s put into the project, and to the ladies for letting us show the world a bit of what makes them tick, jump and live. We hope you enjoy!

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