SkyGod’s Open Letter to NZ Aerosports

Dear SkyGod,

Here at NZ Aerosports we’ve found ourselves in a bit of a fix. We had this Name a Canopy Contest for our new HP canopy Petra – but we got over 2000 entries! With names like Bob, Chickenwings and Slutwhore, there are so many quality suggestions, we don’t know which to choose…

Petra is the hottest canopy around and she needs a sexy name. As our Chief Test Pilot, Divine Holiness, and a Totally Baddass Dude we want to know…WWSGD?

P.S. Beer and virgins are being sent via FedEx. The parcel should be at your gates in a few days.

Blue Skies!
Icarus Canopies by NZ Aerosports


Dear Minions in the land of funny birds and hairy fruit.

Though SkyGod has mad respect for NZ Aerosports’ wicked canopy design skills and baddass HP parachutes, and has from time to time even suspended his glorious body under one of them, SkyGod thinks that the answer to this is staring them right in the face.

WWSGD? SkyGod would fucking well listen to the people out there that have a clue and stick with Petra! How would you like me to suddenly change your name…perhaps call you NZ Aerodyne or PDNZ Aerosports. Hmm, how’d you like that?

No, SkyGod didn’t think you would. And looking at your video  it seems to SkyGod that Petra’s namesake is smoking hot. SkyGod knows she’s dirtier than a packers knees after a long weekend but would regardless welcome Petra into the harem any day of the week.

PD New Beginning

After hardly any deliberation at all, SkyGod has decided that the canopy’s name should be the JPX Petra. That is pronounced Jayyy Peee Exxxx Petra. This shall be her logo:

While SkyGod thinks only he should receive gifts for choosing this name, SkyGod supposes you will want to give away a FREE Icarus or Daedalus sports canopy to the first peep to suggest JPX. Since SkyGod is the sharing kind, SkyGod is ok with that.
SkyGod will announce said lucky bastards name when he feels like it on the Icarus Canopies by NZ Aerosports facebook page and follow up on his own Fanpage.  SkyGod’s minions should make sure to fan up the respective pages so important shit isn’t missed.

SkyGod out.


  • I have no idea what i am replying too or commenting on all I know is I want to skydive again and I cant afford a New Rig can somebody help me please :( help me win a competition or something :)

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