Jump, land, pack – Repeat x 100

100 jumps in 24 hrs is a LOT.
100 packjobs in 24 hrs is a LOT.

Enter one man, with 2 hands, a rig, some rubber bands and hopefully a good packing tool or a sturdy pull-up cord – Todd Ames – who intends to do both. In 24 hrs.
The goal is to bring awareness and attention to Osteogenesis Imperfecta – a condition also called “brittle bone disease” – which pretty much sums up the condition.

PD New Beginning

The jumps will take place at Saginaw Browne Airport in Saginaw, MI. Todd was inspired by a young man named Austin, who frequently visits the airport and watches the jumpers.
Please visit the OI Foundation website for more information or to make a donation.

We wish Todd all the best for tomorrow and look forward to see the pictures!


  • So that’s about 14 and a half minutes to get up to altitude, jump, land and pack? Am I doing the math right? Wow!

    I do hope he can pull it off, that would be amazing. Good luck, dude!! :)

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