Redemption Boogie goers – heads up!

For those of you eagerly counting down the days to Nebraska’s Best Skydiving Boogie Ever, please bring your attention to this notice from Elmo Fuddpucker, boogie organizer on the ball.

PD New Beginning

It’s a hell of a flood, actually – but so far, it’s not endangering Redemption 2011. Plattsmouth sits very close to the river, so I thought if you were coming to my skyjumping party, you might like a little update on what’s up with all this water stuff.

First off… for those of you affected by the flood, either at your homes or your businesses, me and my minions here at LSPC wish you the best of luck in dealing with it, and we hope it ends well for you. We’ll be thinking of you. (probably while we’re drinking your beer, but we’ll be thinking of you…)

If you’re fortunate enough to not be affected by the flooding, and you’re gonna get your ass to Redemption – you might still need to plan around the flooding, depending on where you’re coming in from. At the moment, all roads leading into Plattsmouth Municipal are good, and the airport itself is way up on a hill.

The State agencies are doing a pretty good job of putting information up for travelers, so that detours are only a little painful. Here’s a couple of places that you can check, while you’re loading up to come see me (did I mention that you can jump with me, and get a Dummy number of your very own?):

Nebraska Information
Iowa Information
Kansas Information

While Google isn’t as smart as me, it does a damn good job of looking this kind of stuff up for you, so if you need a little more info that’s a good place to check.

See you in a couple of weeks, I’m chilling the beer now.


Have a blast at Redemption, and send us pictures. And stories. And some beer, if for any reason you have some left over. I can’t imagine that happening, but just in case.

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