Ragamuffin Raffle!

A couple of our local jumpers in DeLand, Jess and Alex, last year formed a freestyle team that trains at Skydive Carolina – the Carolina Ragamuffins! Like many other new teams, the Ragamuffins are still waiting to be picked up by big time sponsors, so in the meantime they are getting creative with fundraising.

Ladies and gentlemen, we would like to invite you to reach into your pocket or purses for your wallet, and support those kiddos getting to the USPA Nationals by buying a ticket in the Ragamuffin Experience Raffle:

Join the Carolina Ragamuffins (Jess & Alex) for a weekend in Florida that you will never forget!
We’ll treat you and a friend to a night on the town at the world famous Ocean Deck Restaurant and Beach Club in Daytona Beach. Dinner and drinks are on us and the live music is sure to be hott!

But wait, there’s more!

On Friday, August 26th, you and your guest will party it up on Disappearing Island with the whole Skydive Deland and Ocean Deck crew! The Ragamuffins will be jumping into the party and your slots are covered, too, if you’re jumpers!

EVEN MORE! (I know, how is this possible!)

Not only will you and your guest party the day away on a beach full of skydivers, but when the tide rolls in and the party shuts down, we’re taking you for a sunset cruise around Ponce Inlet aboard the Robert Alexandria. If you like the cruise enough, you’re also welcome to stay aboard for the night, ow ow!

Tickets in the raffle are only $40 each, and 75 will be sold. Our math department estimates that your chances of winning are thus 1 in 75. Rumor has it that SkyGod already has a slot on the Disappearing Island load, so you’ll be in good company.

PD New Beginning

Contact aerial performer Jess Spreng for further information, or just PayPal the amount (to And if you are fiddling around with PayPal anyway, just take care of your Blue Skies Mag subscription at the same time, hint hint.

The Ragamuffins thank you kindly and hope to see you in the sky soon!

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