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Name that canopy contest!

NZ Aerosports, makers of the ICARUS canopies, are on the prowl for a name for one of their new prototypes. The canopy in question currently goes by the code name “Petra” and is a high performance swoop machine.
Suggestions for the name need to be received by July 1st. If you come up with the winning name, you get a free ICARUS canopy. FREE. As in at no charge. Not a t-shirt or a handful of pull up cords, but a FREE PARACHUTE of your choice.
So, start thinking pretty hard, and visit their website for the lowdown on a couple of simple rules of the contest.
And like they note on their website, if you can’t come up with any good ideas, sacrifice a virgin or two to SkyGod, go make a jump and grab a beer. In that order. That should help getting the creative juices flowing. Now go name that beast and submit your ideas on the wall of their Facebook page.

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