FLCPA Champion crowned today!

Well, that is if everything goes according to plan. Several shit-hot swoopers have gathered at Skydive the Farm for the weekend for the 5th and final meet of the FLCPA 2011 season.
4 rounds have already been completed and as long as the weather breaks long enough for them to get the final 2 rounds in, we should see a brand new champion for the Florida league tonight.

You might find it interesting that the Florida league champion will be crowned at a dropzone in Georgia, but if you look up the word “Florida” in the Swoopers Dictionary, you will see that in swoop language, Florida includes every dropzone with a pond from Key West to North Carolina, so pretty much up and down the east coast. That’s just how they roll, those swoopers.

League director Albert Bercthold gave us a call well before crack of dawn this morning, to give us a status update – you can listen to his message by clicking on the link below:

PD New Beginning

Good Morning Skydive the Farm!

We hope to bring you an update tomorrow with the standings and the new champion.
You can also follow the league on Facebook for quick updates – such as when they might be off a weather hold. Best of luck kids – looks like the battle for the championship will be between Colorado swooper Nick Batch and Golden Knight Greg Windmiller – but then again you never know!

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