Scrambles in Z-Hills!

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In the latest newsletter we saw a link to an article that Kurt wrote about the last Z-Hills Scrambles meet. 14 teams participated and lit up the skies at Skydive City, FL.

Oren Kalb and his better looking better half (although Oren is totally pinch-his-cheeks-cute himself) Laura Song are the people putting in all the work behind the scenes to make the scrambles not only happen every year, but make them into an event not to be missed. This year 14 teams participated and completed the 4 rounds. Full story and pictures here on the NSL website.

PD New Beginning

What we love about this event is that it embodies the spirit of a dropzone community like nothing else. Love for the sport, love for the peeps, paying it forward – all the good stuff. Oren and Laura certainly pull the strings to make it happen, but awesome videographers capture everything on memory cards, shit-hot 4-way studs show up to work with the rookies, and the entire dz staff makes sure it all goes smoothly.

So here is the challenge. If your dropzone is a little short on the pay it forward love, why don’t you think about stepping up and organizing a day like that at your DZ? Start small, thing big and make it happen. We can guarantee you lots of work, bunch of headaches, frustrations and probably some pain, sweat and tears. Because that is what it takes to organize a bunch of skydiving cats into a beautiful herd. But when it’s all said and done, you can pat yourself on the back, smile through the tears and look back at an awesome day on the DZ.

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