Swooping the Distance!

This past weekend the Florida Canopy Piloting Association put on its 4th meet of the season, on the the beautiful pond at the Raeford Parachute Center in Raeford, NC.
This league has proven to one of the best venues for young canopy pilots to get their start in competitive swooping and many of current top pilots in the US (and even some from abroad) have done their first chows under the protective arm of the league. All kidding aside, the FLCPA offers a professional and friendly environment, and almost every meet offers coaching from a top competitor at no extra cost to all competitors.

PD New Beginning

We especially like to see that more and more chicks are venturing onto the pond, and throwing down stuff on par with the boys. Jeannie Anderson, Sales Manager for Mirage Systems and member of Team Alter Ego was one of the chicks swooping it up in Raeford, and she nailed the furthest distance run of all the 18 amateurs in the comp – 91.93 meters.
Way to go swoop-chick, keep up the good work. We especially appreciate the thoughtfulness of photographer Curt Bartholmew and how he included that awesome looking blue windblade in the picture of Jeannie going the distance.

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