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Fatality in Ft. Morgan, CO – Brady Kane

27 year old Brady Kane died May 7th Fort Morgan Skydiving, CO, after impacting the ground hard following a low turn. This was Brady’s 4th jump of the day and equipment is not believed to be a factor.
Brady was an experienced canopy pilot with over 5000 jumps and well known on the swooping scene. He was a Colorado native and thus very familiar with the challenges of jumping and swooping at altitude.

Swooping is an unforgiving sport with a small margin for error. Even a small mistake may have serious consequences. Those planning to swoop would be well advised to find themselves a qualified coach and take small steps in their progression – be safe out there, kids.

PD New Beginning

Blue Skies Brady – and our deepest condolences to Brady’s friends and family.
Memorial service is scheduled for Thursday May 12th, at the Boulder Theater in Boulder, CO. Reception will be held directly following the memorial at Mile Hi Skydiving Center, Longmont, CO.

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  • One slow afternoon I was closing out manifest at Mile-Hi and it was just me and one other girl in the box. We thought the hangar was empty, but we heard some noise out of the window. Peering our heads out, there’s Brady, just out of the shower, totally naked running around giddy as a little kid.

    That was one of my first “oh wow, this skydiving world is a little…different than the real world” moments. When we came up with the idea for the magazine, and described it as the rowdy little brother running around the living naked while the grown-ups try to drink their coffee, that’s the image I had in my mind.

    Thanks for the giggle, Brady, see you on the other side!

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