Canopy Safety Stickers

Ladies and gentlemen, we interrupt this transmission to bring you an urgent message from Merriah Eakins, USPA North Central Regional Director and fairer half of Team Flew-id:

In light of recent events, in the US and Australia, I present the CANOPY SAFETY STICKERS! They are now available for purchase at the low price of 25 cents each (plus shipping) for your drop zone! These stickers serve to remind all skydivers that canopy flight is just as important as the freefall portion of every skydive. If we paste our canopy advice on everyone’s helmets, perhaps it will help us all to remember it when the time comes.
Please e-mail me with the subject “Canopy Stickers” to order some for your drop zone.

PD New Beginning

Much love, and safe canopy flights!

Merriah Eakins
USPA North Central Regional Director
Team Flew-id

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