Here is what I think….

Skydivers as a bunch, tend to have strong opinions – especially when it comes to gear. No wonder really, as gear is a pretty important component to the whole skydiving experience. Most jumpers are also pretty happy to share their feelings and opinion when asked – and sometimes even when not asked.
Because it’s barely summer yet, we know of a lot of skydivers suffering from PUOPS (Pent Up Opinion Syndrome).

Symptoms may include (but not limited to):
✈ telling your whuffo friends all about why you will never jump neon colored canopies
✈ telling your whuffo friends exactly why you should jump neon colored canopies
✈ calling your jumping friends to discuss the best digital altimeter
✈ finding yourself logging on to asking “should I buy a Pilot or a Spectre?”

PD New Beginning

And this is just to name a few. ChutingStar gear specialists are offering an experimental treatment meant to treat PUOP through their website. Simply click your way over there, log in (or create an account if you haven’t already), select the desired product, summon your gear knowledge and proceed leave a helpful review for the masses. Please keep in mind that this treatment IS experimental. Side effects may include dizzying happiness, strong urge to go jump or desire to buy new gear. Enter at your own risk, and then make sure to share the link to your review so that all jumpers may enjoy. Happy reviewing!

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