Drop Zone Awards 2011!

Last year’s drop zone awards went so well, we’re making it annual! Click the link below to tell us your favorite drop zones for all things important. We know you love your home drop zone, but try to keep an open mind to all those other DZs you’ve been to.

Our only requirement is that you’ve jumped at more than one drop zone, please. We know that one is super awesome, but it doesn’t provide quite the sample size we’re looking for to be really objective.

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Happy voting! (click me! click me!)


  • Since my comeback in the sport, I’ve jumped at DZs in the following states: NY, PA, MA, CA, NC, CT, FL. For a very cool old-time vibe, I loved Elsinore. Thought Perris was better equipped with the nice bar and swimming pool, but a little too industrial for my taste. My favorite is probably Jumptown because of the wide variety of age groups and jump preferences, and its terrific history (and where I went through recurrency). Great people there. Best planes are probably at The Ranch in NY where they run four or five Super Otters. For hard core, I’m a Connecticut Parachutists, Inc. fan because they ran all winter, snow be damned. Actually, I’ve barely met a DZ I didn’t like.

  • Skydive Sebastian in Florida. All you need in a DZ and nothing more. And the coolest views, people and parties around.

  • Skydive Snohomish in Washington state! AMAZING staff/instructors, and the best views in the northwest! From the San Jaun islands to Mt. Hood on a clear enough day! :D

  • I’ve been to a lot of dropzones in Florida, California, Texas, Arizona and several other states and countries and without a doubt Skydive Chicago is the best dz in the world! They have the best facilities, staff, aircraft and summer weather of any dz anywhere. Lots of tallented RW, freefly and wingsuit regulars that want to jump with you! SUMMERFEST, WORLD RECORDS, explosions, skydivers on fire… If SDC doesn’t win this then someone has this shit rigged!

    • I totally agree with John. SDC is hands down the best all-around DZ in the US. Incredible fleet of aircraft. A real restaurant. A real bar. Huge HUGE hanger. Movie theater. Man made lake for swimming and fishing. Tons of camping. Tons of RV’ing. Swoop pond. Massive landing area. Most talented manifest I’ve seen.

      Summerfest is the most incredible boogie there is. Skyvans, Casa’s, Otters, Caravans, pimped out heli jumps, world records, sequentials, big-ways, film fest, live music every night, DJ Rook spinnin till stupid hours in the morning…

      The only reason Sebastian has any votes, is because SDC comes there during the winter for the Xmas boogie…

      It’s all about SDC.

  • SKYDIVE SNOHOMISH… BOW down! BOW down! Not only does the dz, staff, and Snohomies rule… but we live in a very liberal, realistic, educated, DIVERSE, and beautiful region. From some of the a tallest peaks in the world to some of the most wonderful oceans, lakes, and rivers in the world. Our DZ IS NOT surrounded by a flat, dry, “hilly”, wasteland like 80% of the DZ in the US. We have a 360 degree panoramic with Mt Rainier to the South, Mt. Baker to the North, San Juan Islands to the West, and the cascade range the the East. Top it!

  • My vote goes to Skydive Space Center in Titusville, Fl. It’s a tandem factory, but they spoiled me with going to 18,000ft.

  • I Love Skydive Burnaby! Its right on Lake Erie, so the view is amazing! And the people there are just some of the best!!

  • Did most of my first 500 skydives @ I did my AFF up in Paso Robles, Ca under David Hughes. Did about 40-50 jumps out of a 182 – if I’d known there where bigger planes that are faster and go higher – I’d had only 1 jump after AFF! lol. Moved to Orange County, Ca. Still a inexperienced skydiver, and met some of the greatest people at Perris, got into CRW, and found several mentors who taught me the ropes (former Navy SEAL and member of the CRW team Ghostriders, who was killed in Iraq in 08′ was one of them. Thank you my friend, we miss you). If you want to find some of the best fun jumps, and great people, Perris is the place to be…

  • Skydive the Farm in Rockmart, GA. Absolutely a great place to hang out and enjoy the atmosphere. They generally run all week long, so on summer breaks i can go out for a few days during the week. The people are really laid back and many different disciplines going on simultaneously. If you get a chance to stop in and see the place, take it.

    • Can you provide me with the link from last month where voters voted for the best/worst drop zones?  I’m interested in reading about Mile Hi Skydive, Colorado.
      Thank you.

  • Did most of my jumps and training days at Midland Parachute Center which then moved and became Hinton Skydiving Centre was a friendly DZ just a shame that I cant afford to jump at present but I will soon :) I neeed to get airborn again

  • Dausenyland AKA The Parachute Center Lodi

    basic…..great people……and then theres Bill…

    Kathy is the sweetest….”maifestario” on the planet….

  • Mike Mullins’ very own West Tennessee Skydiving, near Memphis. Heated, air-conditioned and carpeted packing, in-ground swimming pool, first-class team rooms, huge landing area, friendly & helpful staff, private airport, and the fastest jumpship around. “14,500…exit, exit, exit” Top notch facility!

  • Well I’d be remiss if I didn’t say that CSC has the best aircraft and staff and DZO and gear and (soon) facilities and Blue Skies columnists and best use of social media but that’s a given, so we’re good to go on that.

    But I gotta hand it to Skydive Temple for a great small DZ where you can make a jump or two and just take your time and relax with a Shiner Bock out of the kegerator when you’re all said and done. And ZHills for single-handedly the best New Years party I’ve ever been to, before or after I discovered skydiving.

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