Record Weekend!

Despite a cold front ripping through, with some high winds and chilly temps (yep, dipped all the way down to 60F Sunday night), it was a great weekend in Florida.
Canopy Pilot Greg Windmiller of the Golden Knights set a new Florida State Record in Speed (2.58 seconds) during a meet at Skydive Palatka held this past weekend (meet results and scores can be found on their website).

BJ Worth and the World Team also set a new Florida State Record in DeLand, FL by building an incredibly challenging formation during the Flight of the Phoenix. 185 people were on the formation, from all over the world. It was truly impressive to watch 9 airplanes flying in formation straight above the dropzone.

PD New Beginning

California had a good time as well, where Skydivers Over Sixty (SOS) built a 55-way at Skydive Elsinore, breaking the previous record of 48 from January 2009.

Congrats to all that participated, and please notice that all the records sets are pending verification by the appropriate organization.

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