Another dropzone in DeLand, part 3.

An independent consultant hired by the city of DeLand to evaluate the implications of establishing a 2nd dropzone in DeLand has recommended against it, citing safety factors.
Based on the data collected, Wilbur Smith Associated are of the opinion that adding another DZ on the municipal airport would eventually lead to compromised safety both on the ground and in the air.

The Daytona Beach News-Journal reported on their website that Joe Richards of Blue Sky Entertainment felt that the report was biased, as a number of subject interviewed or polled have or have had a financial stake in Skydive DeLand.

PD New Beginning

The next step is for the city to wait for a comment or recommendation from the FAA and then finally it will be up to the City Commission to make the final decision. We do not know the timeline of those two events, but it’s safe to say that at this point it is not likely that another dropzone will be opening up in DeLand just yet.

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