A new baby at Skydive Carolina

Word on the street is that there is a hot new girl at Skydive Carolina: a Beechcraft King Air B-90, equipped with Pratt & Whitney PT6-28 engines. I’m sure that is pure engine porn to some of our readers, but to the rest of us, it just means FAST FAST FAST!
Like all good airplanes, this one needs a name. For the next 2 weeks, Skydive Carolina will be accepting submissions for a name, and the person with the best one (as selected by DZO Danny Smith), will be rewarded with 5 jump tickets from Miss N90HN.

I am sure we will get to know her a bit better during Carolinafest 2011 – we are looking forward to what is bound to be one of the best boogies of the year, complete with awesome organizers and full on Southern hospitality.

PD New Beginning

The Dropzone sent out a few tips in their newsletter on what to keep in mind when jumping a King Air:

  • Don’t be in a rush to get to the back of the plane whilst others are in the door; the more weight forward, the better.
  • The key for a safe King Air exit is to not jump ‘up’ when exiting. This is to avoid striking the horizontal stabilizer.
  • Be sure to fall out or ‘down’ when exiting.
  • Wingsuit exits deserve special care, so you bird people keep that in mind.

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