Flight of the Phoenix in DeLand

This coming weekend, BJ Worth and his World Team buddies will come together once at Skydive DeLand for some seriously challenging jumps – this time the Flight of the Phoenix.

Can we be the in the beak, please?

If you were on the short list of people with enough skill and talent to get this done, you already received an invite to join. 18 jumps are planned, with a few different dive designs, including sequential stuff, and then it’s on to the Big Bird.
We thing the Phoenix is a 192-way, but if anyone wants to count the little guys in the picture and get back to us with an exact count, that would be great.

PD New Beginning

We will definitely be out at the dropzone for at least some of the festivities, and plan on trying to check in with a few of the participants to see what it is like to be a big-way-er doing this cool stuff. So this is your chance. If there is anything you would like to know about big ways, let us know and we will try to find out for you, because we are nice like that.
You can see pictures of the formations on the World Team Facebook page as well.

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