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QR Code Thingies

Scan me, baby.

So we’ve been printing these funky little QR codes for a few months now – what does everyone think? Do you use them? Are they lame? Do you know what in hell to do with them?

Don’t worry, we’re still figuring out just what we want to do with them, too. I know that when I read magazines, I’ll sometimes want to read the additional things they have on their website, but sure won’t type in a long URL to do it. A quick scan and boop! it’s there on my phone, super handy.

PD New Beginning

So, a few adjustments are in the works for the next issue. They’ll be smaller, for one. Events will each get their own, and the QR code will pop up an actual event that you can add to your phone’s calendar. Melanie Curtis’ QR code will be a contact card so you can email her to set up a coaching session, visit her website or just add her to your contacts. Links will be…links still, I don’t know what else you would want to do with those. And, there just may be a surprise or two for diligent scanners ;)


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