Argus Service Bulletin: Cutter Update

In the exciting saga of Argus Service Bulletins, we now present you a brand new one, fresh from the inbox, straight form the horses mouth: Product Service Bulletin from Aviacom.
At the same time, Argus has released a new User’s Manual for download and reminds Argus owners to make sure to replace batteries after the mandatory 12 months.

From the common sense files, regardless of who made your AAD, we here at Blue Skies Mag think it’s probably a good idea to follow manufacturers recommendations when it comes to making sure whatever its that makes your AAD tick, keeps on ticking properly, so all ya other AAD equipped peeps feel free to make sure your batteries are in good shape before summer hits. Your lovely rigger can help with this.

PD New Beginning

The new service bulletin can be accessed here.

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  • Keep in mind- most of the manufacturers that banned the argus still have their bans in effect.

    Also, the battery change is at EVERY repack, not just every 12 months.

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