In This Issue: #19, April 2011

Isn’t it March that was supposed to come in like a lion and go out like a lamb? We ended up getting it a bit backwards in Florida this year, because what started out as a lovely spring in DeLand went out in a bang of thunder, lightning and tornado warnings. We still managed to get the April issue off to print on schedule and as we type this, it is finding it’s way to mailboxes around the world. Here is what subscribers get to feast their eyes on.  And here is how you can subscribe for just about the cost of one jump (that is if you live and jump in US or Japan, respectively)

PD New Beginning

  • Hot chick on the cover – Chelsea Tompson kiting. Thanks to Raymond Adams for capturing this playful shot, perfect to get us in the mood for summer.
  • Just Another DZO tells us exactly what he thinks of SkyRide, Groupon and similar stuff. Good read -and hopefully will inspire DZO’s to take marketing back into their own hands and thus keep a bit more money in their wallets.
  • Industry News: Strong Enterprises working on a new tandem, PD raises prices, Rigging Innovations releases a new tool, NZ Aerosports give us insight into designing high performance canopies through parabolic bracing and USPA gets a new director of competition, a new board and an app.
  • Rigger Rodeo – the biggest hit at the PIA Symposium 2011, through the eyes of Sandy Reid.
  • A new company has launched, focusing on ratings for Female Skydiving Instructors (FSI) – Tom Noonan tells us all about that (no, he’s not female, he just has long hair).
  • Jim Jennings tries to figure out why he’s not normal in his article titled “What’s Wrong With Me?”
  • Melanie Curtis is a double hitter this time, with both a her life coaching column and a recap from the Mountain State boogie at the Colorado tunnel.
  • We unveil Ward Hessig’s rocking memorial plan. Get a subscription to see if you get something good when he croaks or if you made it on the planned ash dive.
  • Sydney Owen launches into chapter two of the Beginning of the End of her Flourishing Career by telling us about the day her life got really fucking awesome.
  • Turning Points with Kurt Gaebel – Shamrock Showdown 2011, where Fast Air met Airspeed.
  • The Fuckin’ Pilot waxes poetic about South Park, Skydiving, Strippers and Sublime. You know you don’t want to miss out on that one.
  • SkyGod tells Icarus NZ how to fly fast, hippies how to deal with radioactive matter and gives advice on when it is appropriate to update your relationship status on Facebook to “in a relationship”.
  • Random Stranger for the month Margaret Vermeulen – the fastest rigger on the planet. And damn good looking to boot too.
  • Centerfold features some wingsuit BASE jumpers about to go off a cliff, very cool.

So there it is, one stormy issue wrapped up and we are already on to the next one. Drop us a line with suggestions, comments, credit card numbers or whatever else you feel like sharing.


  • After reading the story form “Just Another DZO” I had a 180 on my attitude about these coupons. I have a co-worker that bought a 1/2 jump from a similar site and when I looked I saw that nearly 400 others did too. I sent the information over to my local DZO with the idea that it was a great way to get a boatload of tandems scheduled for the entire season. After reading that a DZ could actually end up losing money I told my DZO “never mind”. Guess I just did not realize what the cost of a jump was. Losing money on that many would probably put my DZ out of business.

    Thanks for the eye opening.

    I’ve pretty much been against Skyride from day one. This one, is really a case of “if it looks too good to be true it probably is”. Good for the 1 time tandem, really bad for the DZ and the rest of us that need tandems to help keep our cost down.

    • I’m sure there are instances where Groupon can be good for a DZ – we hope some DZOs will write in who can present a counter-argument!

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