Wings Containers: Argus all good

Sunrise Manufacturing International (SMI) has shared the following letter with it’s dealers (and us), stating that they do not have any issues with the Argus AAD being used in their containers.

“Dear Wings dealers,

Our present position here at Sunrise Manufacturing International (SMI), is that We don’t have an issue with people using an Argus AAD on our Wings rigs.
It is an AAD problem, and we’re sure it will be addressed by the manufacturer.

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We of course have heard the stories about the cutter not completely cutting the loop in several instances. If this happens on our container, you will still be able to pull the reserve handle and open the reserve. It will operate just as it does if no AAD were installed.
If there is a problem with the Argus AAD (or any other type of AAD), the manufacturer will let us know if or what the problem is after he’s had a chance to look at the unit and do a proper investigation. We don’t feel it’s our place to ground someone’s product based on what someone outside of that company is saying about the product.
So the bottom line is that we don’t want to make a snap decision based on rumors or hearsay by outside parties, but prefer to review the evaluation from the manufacturer of the unit(s) in question.

Thank you,
Sunrise Manufacturing Intl. Inc.

Owners of Argus equipped Wings containers must be very happy to see this and know that they can carry on using their equipment as normal.


    • That ban in Australia was lifted in December 2010. Refer to your February 2011 issue of Parachutist magazine. The new directive says the Argus can be used by jumpers once they have sent it in for a cutter replacement.

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