Fatality at Cross Keys

An experienced jumper died at Cross Keys yesterday. C Scott Shields was a somewhat experienced jumper with over 100 jumps. Friends describe him as very energetic and highly enthusiastic about skydiving. The freefall portion of the 2-way jump went as planned but for reasons yet unknown, Scott did not deploy his main canopy.
His rig was AAD equipped and the automatic opener did activate, but for some reason the reserve canopy did not fully inflate. Medical problems (such as a heart attack) may have been a contributing factor in this case. There were no witnesses to the final portion of the jump, but Shields’s reserve landed in trees near the airport. As is customary, FAA officials will conduct an investigation and hopefully we will learn more about the cause of events at a later date.

PD New Beginning

Our sincerest condolences to Scott’s family, friends and extended family at Cross Keys.

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