It’s Snowing Service Bulletins!

You probably saw our post yesterday about Rigging Innovations issuing a service bulletin (and effectively grounding all Argus AAD equipped rigs).
Over the past 24 hrs several harness/container manufacturers have jumped on the bandwagon and rescinded their approval for the use of an Aviacom Argus AAD in their respective rigs. We will maintain a list of manufacturers with links to their respective bulletins below.

United Parachute Technologies (UPT – makers of the Vector sport rig and Sigma tandems): Argus PSB #20110322[2]

PD New Beginning

Sun Path Products (Javelin, Javelin Odyssey, Javelin Legacy, Student Javelin and Student Odessey): SPSB006 3.22.11

Mirage Systems (all Mirage and RTS harness and container models) PSB 03-11 ARGUS

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