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Zoom Zoom in Sebring

It can’t be all skydiving, all the time so were are going to change it up a little bit today with a cool video from race car driver Gunnar Jeanette.
Gunnar also happens to be a somewhat bad ass skydiver, Wingsuiter, BASE jumper and all that jazz. And a stout subscriber to Blue Skies Magazine, just like you should be.

So hop in, fasten the zillion-point-seatbelt, suction cup that trusty old Nintendo racing wheel to your desk and try to follow Gunnar through the twists and turns of the Sebring International Raceway. And try not to crash.
Gunnar narrates about half of the video and it’s pretty cool to listen to the turn-by-turn instructions. The rest feels just like a good old arcade game, so everyone should be able to play along.

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Have fun!

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