Call for Boobs!

Folks, we have been informed by SkyGod that we have been severely lacking in the gratuitous nudity department as of late. We haven’t been doing full justice to our cover warning and for that we humbly apologize. BUT, we’d like to address the aforementioned egregious situation by actively soliciting your contributions. If you have any skydive-related boobie pics (we gotta keep it in context folks); have access to such; or better yet: are in the enviable position of being able to photographically record said subject matter, please send them to us for publication consideration (with the appropriate photographer credit and subject’s consent to publish). In the spirit of fairness we will also consider skin of the male variety (I have been democratically out-voted 2-to-1 on this subject by my fellow BSMag employees…) So, contributions can be sent to me at pierre[at] (as Chief Dude Perspective it’s in my job description…) Please keep it [semi]decent as I live and share an IP address with two ladies (yup, WINNING!!)

PD New Beginning


I'll tell ya what we want, what we really really want

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