Snowkiting in Iceland

I guess it’s turning into snow week on the blog! Today’s beauty comes from my old stomping grounds in Iceland, where I was born and raised. Yes, the home of Eyjafjallajökull volcano. And this is not just Iceland, this is the very area surrounding my hometown Akureyri. It’s an awesome place for pretty much everything except skydiving. Paragliding is on the rise in the area and evidently it’s a heaven for snow kiting. Back in the day we played with rounds and cross country skis, but there was absolutely nothing graceful about that – unlike this French ballet we see here.

PD New Beginning

So now that I am sufficiently homesick for snow, mountains, the best water in the world, awesome food, friends and family, let’s watch this stunning video on snowkiting as featured by the Iceland Kite Experience. And lets go visit sometime. Who’s in?

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