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Your Rockin’ Memorial

If you’re not a skydiver, paraglider, BASE jumper, pilot, speed rider or aerial enthusiast of any kind, prepare for some odd-sounding morbidity. If you are one of the aforementioned freaks, we know you have a plan. A big plan. The ultimate plan, in fact: your memorial plan.

So, how do you want your friends and family to mark your passing? Do you have specific instructions on where your ash dive should be? How you want the party to go down? What music you want on the memorial DVD? A specific quote or saying for your gravestone?

PD New Beginning

Send your plans to me at, or post them here in the comments. We’ll print the best ones in our next issue.

photo by Nika Composer


  • I want an ash dive over the airport where I started, and the DZ is now closed / moved. This will require evacuation prep like an illegal base jump, I’m sure. Then I want my friends and family to throw a party without mentioning my name once. They can all remember in their own way, but to honor my life, party and move on.

  • Seeing as I’m planning on being shot by a jealous husband, at the age of 120 in a Playboy Club….I figure most of you folks won’t be around to help much…..but then… I’ll only need 2 pallbearers….
    (garbage cans only have 2 handles)!

    Place my ashes in with my last Income Tax Forms and mail me of to “Whomever It May Concern”….. “here’s my last contribution”!

    “Bring me back to life now?
    Yours forever!

    • Missy Q count me in!

      That is 110% flat out how I want it to be. I was just talking to some close friends about some of this and letting them know that they are in charge of making this happen when the time comes.

  • In a recent discussion on ashdives, I mentioned to a friend that we sometimes add a bag of flour to the ashes for visual effect. I asked him if he would mind being mixed, and did he prefer white or wheat. He said “No flour, I want pink and silver glitter, lots and lots of glitter”.

    (Note to Bill… Tom may have said no to your pink canopy request yesterday, but I promise you’ll have tons of pink glitter!)

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