We have it. Bad. With the sun staying up a little bit longer every day, the temperatures climbing and the unnatural curse of daylight savings time about to come to an end, we can feel the gypsy blood in our veins starting to boil. It’s time to broaden horizons by visiting new dropzones, meet up with old friends and maybe make some new ones. It’s time for fun jumps, geting a little silly, drink cheap beer and swap stories around the bonfire.

With how much skydivers like to travel, it’s no accident that we devote a couple of pages in the magazine every month exclusively to featuring events and places to jump. But we need help from the Blue Skies Mag community here, to pick the right ones to attend. Which ones can we not miss out on? Which ones suck? Are there any new ones that we should know about?
How about records, fundraisers, community support or any of that fun stuff?
Well, we want it all. Those of you involved in planning for your respective DZ’s, make sure to sign us up for your newsletter and list your events (for free) in the Events section of our website. If you don’t have a newsletter, fine – just drop us a line – but make sure you give us at least 8 weeks notice if at all possible.

For those of you just burning to write an article about your boogie experience –

PD New Beginning

keep in mind that we accept those, as long as you can find a unique, fun and interesting way of presenting it. If you have an cool idea, by all means read this and then chat with the editor!

Happy Boogie Season!

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