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In this Issue – #18, March 2011

Now that the March issue for 2011 is safely on the way to mailboxes all over the world, it’s time to wet your appetite a little and let you know what you have coming your way. Be warned, it’s going to be a smelly one. We did not include a scratch ‘n sniff page, and you may thank us for that in the comment section below.

Start stalking the mailman so that you can check out the following:

PD New Beginning

  • CRW-dawgs, the cover is for you, you crazy kids, state record over Arizona.
  • Press release from Chuting Star gear store, detailing their plans for world domination.
  • Industry news: Ward has left Mirage, PD has a new tour rep. News from Symposium in Reno wait until next issue.
  • Don’t be That Guy! New feature by Brianne Thompson from Axis Flight School. Etiquette for jumpers whose ego has inflated past the point allowed by their coolness. Don’t let it happen to you.
  • How to have a Jumpcation (that totally rocks): Bamwich from NY writes about trading snow and slush in the Big Apple for sand and sunshine at Skydive Sebastian.
  • Ice Climbing in Iowa. What skydivers in the midwest do when hell freezes over during their silly cold winters.
  • Relative WIND – a Blue Skies Mag special. That section contains “Just Plane Bad Manners” by Michael R. Smith, “Altimeters and Farts” by Lara Kjeldsen and “Blown Away” by the Fuckin’ Pilot. We recommend reading this part in a well ventilated area.

Then there are of course the regular features – Turning Points by Kurt Gaebel, some handy dandy life coaching from Melanie Curtis, SkyGod’s snarky advice and lastly we feature Pierre Bilodeu as our Random Stranger of the month. The guy is phenomenal.

We hope you enjoy reading – and as always, if you have suggestions for content, by all means get in touch with your ideas, requests, suggestions and all that good stuff.

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