PD’s new product: landing airbag

This past weekend we attended the UF Falling Gators Collegiate Boogie, hosted by Skydive Palatka, FL. Performance Designs sent their tour reps Alex and Matt with a bunch of demos and the fancy inflatable X-gloo PD tent. We set up right next to PD and enjoyed a great weekend of good weather, fun jumps and all the other good stuff that comes with going to a boogie.

Scott Roberts from Slipstream offered a free 2-jump introductory canopy piloting course to the college kids on Saturday, as a little pay-it-forward kind of deal.
On Sunday the winds were a little wonky and hefty cross winds prevailed in the main landing area. Things got interesting to say the least, and under our tents we had front row seating to the carnage. Jumpers forgetting/misunderstanding landing directions, forgetting to pull their strings to flare, opposite landing directions and all sorts of good stuff. Thankfully nobody was hurt, probably largely due to the fact that college kids are made out of rubber.

PD New Beginning

Melissa Marie, a local Palatka jumpers and the Vice President of the UF Falling Gators Skydiving Club made her BEER video jump this weekend, and captured an absolutely priceless video. If a picture is worth a thousand words, this video has to be worth a million – starting with “oh shit”. God bless the GoPro – this little camera has made sure that time you fuck up, there is someone there to catch it… and share it with the world. Enjoy.

But, all is well that ends well, and PD rep Matt was no worse for the wear.
We have a feeling that Scott will have a lot more jumpers attend the next canopy course, to be held in Palatka Saturday March 12th…..


  • Yeah there was massive pattern confusion going on. Camera girl went the “right” way per established direction on a previous jump, but either the other guys didn’t get the memo or forgot, or fell in the trap of chasing every little move of the windsock. Live and learn!

  • Actually ‘camera girl’ went the ‘wrong’ way per what was called to the whole group as we walked on the plane. Luckily no one was hurt though :)

  • Don’t worry! I learned my lesson. Especially the one where you don’t aim for any tents or other objects that may be sheltering people. Lesson definitely learned.

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