Another PIA Bites the Dust

So that’s that, another PIA Symposium over and done. The Blue Skies Mag crew had quite the eventful event, but possibly the least productive. Anyway, those are three tales for another time. Our question now is: What do you want to know about the Symposium? I’ve written the last two PIA stories for Parachutist and frankly, I don’t want to write another one in the same vein.

So, do you want to know about the Rigger Rodeo? What new products were introduced? What seminars went on? USPA Board Meeting? DZO Conference? Who drank the most (crap, that’s probably me)?

PD New Beginning

Hopefully you have already been staying updated with VASST Training’s  excellent videos, all available on their YouTube channel.

Let us know in the comments what you’d want to read about. If it’s nothing, that’s actually okay with us, too.


  • Having just been to my first PIA, I think it’d be cool to let people know that it’s not just for riggers – you can skip all the rigging/technical presentations and still learn a hell of a lot and be busy much of the day during the seminars. I think (maybe) there’s a perception that it’s all about rigging … but it’s not. Of course us non-riggers can still have fun and learn a lot going to the rigging presentations too. (I’m not sure how much I learned watching the rigger rodeo but damn that was fun!).

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