4-way fun in Florida…

Thanks to our awesome next-door-neighbor, Kurt Gaebel from the NSL, we are kept relatively well up to speed on cool things happening in competitive 4-way, both locally and around the world. We of course subscribe to the NSL newletter (which you can do too, by clicking here) and this morning we had a note from Kurt, reminding us of two events this weekend.

So, if you are in Florida and keen on doing some 4-way over the weekend, you have two options:

Skydive U is organizing a 4-way Scrambles Skills Camp on Saturday, February 12th at Skydive DeLand. $30 registration fee, video optional, player coaches for the day will be Rob Laidlaw, Katie Woods, Robert Chromy and Hal Spence. All experience levels are welcome, contact Skydive U for more information or to pre-register. Facebook event page here.

Sky families are the best families. |

– or –

Hit up Skydive Sebastian for a “Team 4 a Day” with SDC Rhythm XP. This program is designed for jumpers new to 4-way or anyone who wants to improve on their RW skills. Groups are matched based on similar skill level, allowing jumpers to learn and improve. I have done some jumps with both JaNette and Steve from Rhythm, and those two are both outstanding coaches. Facebook Event page here.

So, get your grippies on and go have some fun this weekend!

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