Yowsa, Yasi!

Smack middle “winter” here in Florida, and the last thing on our minds at the moments are hurricanes. We have enjoyed a good couple of years with no major weather hitting, but right now our skydiving buddies down under are about to be hammered by a gigantic cyclone (same deal as a hurricane, the names are just regionally specific).

And by GIGANTIC I mean this sucker is pretty well big enough to go coast to coast in the US. Aussies have never been known to half-ass things.

PD New Beginning

Cyclone Yasi is considered to be the worst cyclone to hit Australia in decades and is expected to bring even more rain to already ravaged Queensland. Destructive winds, crazy surf and tons of rain to follow in the wake of Yasi.
We hope our friends down there are able to hunker down, throw one hell of a hurricane/cyclone party and will weather this storm to come out fine on the other side.
And as much as we like to bitch about the weather in Florida, out of respect for the Aussies, we will shut up about it for a few days.
Hunker down, friends!

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