Purple Day at Skydive Palatka

Living in Central Florida has it’s perks – one of those is having quite a few awesome and amazing dropzones a stone’s throw away. For some reason though, Skydive Palatka seems to have won out as the resident home DZ of the Blue Skies Mag crew, and we try to visit regularly.
Why, you might wonder? Well, I could rattle off a few reasons, such as awesome staff, lovely redneck vibe, fun and friendly jumpers, complete lack of cliques, gay boys running around sprinkling pixie dust, an awesome Caravan, great views and hot swoopers, just to name a few. But mostly it’s just that Palatka vibe, that you wish you could put in a bottle and take with you when you leave.

PD New Beginning

Recently Jeff Colley, Palatka’s general manager for an number of years, passed away after a short but vicious battle with cancer. Damn you, cancer. Jeff was quite the character, with heart of gold under a crusty exterior. He was very fond of purple, down to the point that every time you looked down at his Teva’s, you saw purple toenails staring right back up at you.
This Saturday, February 5th, Palatka celebrates Purple Day in the memory of Jeff. So get your purple on and join the Palatka crew in having fun during the day and drinking Bud Light straight out of the can after the beer light comes on.


  • Wow,I wish I have know,he will always have a place in my heart and soul,I am so sorry to hear of his and Ralph passing,I feel like apart of me is missing

  • Thanks for being a wonderful person,and I will always remember the time we did share together,blue skies Jeff u will be missed

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