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PD tent runs out of Viagra...

Sky families are the best families. |

Here we are, freezing our buns off at Air Adventures in the Everglades. I’d link to their website, but it I’ll spare you because quite frankly it frightens me. For such an awesome dropzone, they really should get a website that matches the awesomeness of the dropzone.
But back to the boogie. It’s been pretty great already, especially if your definition of awesome includes freezing your buns off in the morning and at night. Tomorrow looks excellent though, so we plan to do some jumps, right after the “patchy frost in the morning” bit is over. More and more jumpers are pouring in; the brave pitching tents and campers, and the rest of us huddling up in nearby hotels.
There are some rocking organizers here like Luis Prinetto, Marty Jones, Jeff Nebelkopf (sorry Jeff, I probably misspelled your last name), the landing area is awesome, a notary signs off on your waiver, and the DZO’s wife will most likely make an appearance in the daydreams of many a skydiving boy over the next few weeks. The DZO himself is also pretty cool, and the staff couldn’t be nicer.

Well, time to go grab a bite, have some more beer and hang out with friends, old and new.
Tomorrow we are going to sign up a ton of people for subscriptions and do some interviews – let me know if there is anyone here that you want me to give the 3rd degree or snap a picture of – just send them on over to the Blue Skies Mag tent!

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