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Cutting Away

Yeah. She's badass. Watch out world.

World, meet our newest columnista – Sydney Owen.
We first tripped over Sydney through our trusty Google RSS feed reader – which job it is to suck up from the interwebs anything beginning with “skydive”. That led us to Sydney’s blog – Unfiltered.
At that point, Sydney was an eager beaver little skydiver, still pretty fresh from AFF and completely gaga for skydiving.
We liked her style, so we shot her an e-mail and said “hey, you should think about writing for us”. Sydney came back and said “yeah!”.

PD New Beginning

Then, like good little ADHD-riddled skydivers, we forgot all about it as the next shiny object caught our attention. Plus, Sydney was busy landing her dream job as a veritable social media hurricane, moving across the country and maintaining a long distance relationship. Column writing had to wait. But finally the stars aligned and Sydney sent in her first piece.

So, to quote a pretty lame movie, we present Sydney, smack middle in the act of “cutting away”. So grab your popcorn, have a seat and join us in watching Miss Corporate America goes Skybum. If you can’t do it yourself, what better than living vicariously through a hot, blond, young female…. yeah… you are welcome :)
Read the first column in the next issue of Blue Skies Magazine (#17 – Jan/Feb combo issue), mailing out next week.
And if you are not a subscriber… shame shame… but you can fix that here.


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