DeLand debate continues

As readers already know, Billy and Joseph Richard of Blue Sky Entertainment are keen on opening up a second jump operation at the DeLand Municipal Airport, where Skydive DeLand has operated for nearly 30 years.

The Daytona Beach News-Journal reports that the City of DeLand has ordered a safety inspection to take place, in order to determine weather the airport can safely handle having multiple dropzones operating out of the airport (full article here).
In order to promote fair competition, Federal rules are in place stating that a city can not give exclusive rights to an aeronautical entity. However, cities may deny operation permits based on safety (both that of skydivers and other users of the airport). The city attorney expects to have the safety evaluation done within the next 60 days.

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This is naturally a pretty heated topic for local jumpers in and around DeLand. Many seem to think that Blue Sky Entertainment’s decision to move into DeLand is based on personal vendetta stemming from an estranged business relationship rather than a desire to run a successful skydiving operation.
We will continue to watch for developments and bring updates to you through this blog and the magazine.


  • That’s retarded to open another DZ up right on top of another one. I dont care if it’s out of vendetta or just cuz they want another place to jump. Competition is great if you want to set up on the opposite side of town, but trying to be at the same airport is like a slap in the face to the other owners. Have some respect.

  • As a jumper that enjoys visiting Deland during Big Way events, this causes great concerns. When an event such as Kaleidoscope is going on(and maybe during normal jump operations as well)it is constant planes in the air. To have to communicate with another dz over the same property about jumpers dropping just adds another element to the mix of possible tragedy in the sport. Is it gonna take one dz dropping jumpers onto another dz’s load to see that this is not a real good idea?

  • Funny, A company called Amanda Aviation is trying to do the exact same thing up at Central Michigan Skydivers in Michigan, even manage to boot the exixting DZ from the bulding they were using. Makes me wonder how often this goes on.

  • This Guy is trying to start a DZ at Deland because he is pissed off that they rented or leased planes to Z-hills after he removed his planes from Z-hills.Hopefully the city and the FAA will make the decision to not allow a second Skydive company at the airport.

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