You go, Tony Hathaway – nothing like someone dropping you a line saying “oh hai, I just did my fifteenthousand-eth skydive today, how have you been?” to make you feel like a slacker. Especially when you blew the weekend off for jumping, because it was “only 55 degrees”. Farenheit. 12.78 degrees for our Metric speaking friends.

Tony has been in the sport a little longer than forever and a good chunk of his jumps have included a camerahelmet on his head. Tony has shot anything from puppies to world class 4-way, CRW, big ways, world records, AFF jumps, tandems and just regular old fun jumps. He calls the skies over Skydive City, Zephyrhills, FL home, but the kid certainly has no aversion to traveling.

PD New Beginning

For his 15000th jump, Tony stepped in front of the camera for a change, and did a groovy little 3-way with Billy Porter and Bob Clark, two longtime friends/co-workers/camera flyers in Z-hills. You might notice that they all kept their wingie-suits on, sticking to their natural habitat in the sky.

Well done Tony – congrats on another huge milestone in the sport and thanks for all the amazing pictures shared. And don’t forget… you still owe me that jump ;)


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