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In Issue #16 – December 2010

The last issue of 2010 is now in the capable hands of the postman, making its way to your hot little hands. We hope that the holidays were kind to you and that your fallrate or wingloading did not increase to the point that you need to go up a size in the new year. But, if that did happen, gear dealers are standing by, ready to empty your wallet help.
Here is what you will soon be feasting your eyes upon:

PD New Beginning

  • Industry News: who was hired/fired – what’s new and exciting – any juicy gossip – is PD finally done with R&D on the Katana… no – wait, that already happened. You get our drift.
  • The Turkey Bastards: an epic story of “so close to the trophy I could lick it” in Z-Hills. Box of Kleenex required for reading.
  • Blue Skies MagBox: new! Letters to the magazine/editor. Someone FINALLY had something to say to us, read all about it!
  • RENO 411: This is THE FEATURE. If you are going to Reno, you must reads this to know what to do/not do. If you aren’t going, you must reads this to know what you are missing out on. If you don’t know what the hell Reno is, you really must read this. And the pictures. Illustrations. You must look at those too.
  • Women’s Vertical Formation World Record: Pretty pretty pictures and sort of a “who’s who” of the chickadee upside down world. Match the list of names to the girls in the pictures – provides for a fun activity on a weather day.
  • Turning Points: ok 4-way geeks, we listened. And brought in a specialist. Kurt from NSL will from now on provide insightful commentary on the bellyflying landscape.
  • Riggers, SkyHook and AAD’s: The Grim Rigger rattles your world once again by making you think about the downfalls of safety devices.
  • The Tandem “OH SHIT” Factor: Our favorite one so far. The Fuckin’ Pilot gets in touch with his softer side.
  • Trust Your Ducks: Melanie Curtis quacks up some hard core life-coaching wisdom.
  • Random Stranger: Meet Russ Haas – all the way from the mid-west.
  • And lastly, but really firstly: A Happy New Year Top Ten – where we count backwards some of our favorite feedback from our readers in 2010.

Thanks again for a great 2010 – and we are already looking forward to doing it all over (except bigger and better) in 2011!


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