Turning Points with Kurt Gaebel

Now that the dust has settled a bit around the new Airspeed lineup, the team has got their matching jumpsuits and are planning their first training camp of 2011 in January. It will be very exciting to follow the new team and watch how things are going to play out in the next 2 years on the world level.
We are very excited to have Kurt Gaebel from NSL now contributing to a monthly column in Blue Skies Magazine, named “Turning Points”. In that column Kurt will discuss various topics from the competitive 4-way world. The first column will be in the December issue of Blue Skies Mag, due to hit mailboxes late December.
The NSL website has long been the hub of detailed and interesting news for hardcore 4-way geeks (and we use that word in the most flattering sense possible). Visit the NSL page to watch Kurt’s recent interview Tomash Hughes (center outside) and Nick Grillet (alternate) about the what lies ahead. Note the shirt Nick is wearing – ushering in the new look of a future World Champion!

PD New Beginning

We have no doubts that Airspeed will tackle the upcoming season with full seriousness, and we base that assumption on secret intel we received from one of our agents in Eloy. Thomas has been working on his track and evidently has advanced to FULL Delta position, which should do wonders for solid separation after break-off.

Photo by Nik Daniel

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