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In Issue #15 – November 2010

Yah, a little late with this post, but copies are still available, so I figured why not!

Here is what you missed out on:

PD New Beginning

  • SANS: Society for the Advancement of Naked Skydiving. Yep, exactly what it sounds like.
  • Jump for the Rose: Texas chicks break all kinds of records at Skydive Spaceland and raise funds for breast cancer research. Good job laides!
  • Dirty Pirate Hookers get a website and the Pink Mafia is resurrected by Merriah Eakins.
  • Top Ten Ways to Immaturely Deal With Adult Situations (such as close calls of your own or others).
  • Chicks Rock recap: a memo to the TEAM (that’s you) from Melsinore, plus some awesome photos.
  • The Joy of Freefall Sex. Soon to be our most requested column ever, written by Dick Gosinya and Blondie Shagswell.
  • Ladies’ Lodi Sequentials – Live Bigz. Love Life. Skydive, by Stephanie Soria. Lots of awesome pictures by Brian Buckland.
  • Learning to Fly – again. A little skydivers journey to becoming a paraglider.
  • PIMP centerfold showing Mike Steen scraping the ground, in FREEFALL.
  • No Shit, There I Was: Stuart Schoenfeld of team Slipstream Airsports tells a scary tale of almost not cutting away a Velocity 71.
  • Thou Shalt Not Tattoo: BSM readers’ response to a letter published in Parachutist magazine not long ago. Brilliant.
  • Show Me The Money: by the Fuckn’ Pilot. Rants of a tandem master who would like to get paid more. Funny as hell.
  • Kapow! Don’t miss this one, life coaching column by Melanie Curtis. The one and only.
  • SkyGod: spilling wisdom as always, answering burning questions.
  • Jump a Random Skydiver: Meet Kevin Brown of Skydive Chicago. Blue mowhawk and all.

Phew. There you go. So yeah, contact us if you want to get a copy – or if you want to subscribe and include this one, we can always talk about retroactive subscriptions as well.

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