Jumping Naked? In the Snow?

At some dropzones around the world, jumpers mark their #100 jump by stripping off all their clothes, then gingerly walk to the airplane with some improvised unit to shelter the private bits on the way up.
Then the green light comes on, jumpers exit and our naked hero sheds the last threads and jumps into the abyss in nothing but the birthday suit. Most people still wear shoes and a helmet, and maybe gloves. But thats it. Everything else between your neck, wrists and ankles must be bare.
Guys hope for minmal “slappage” and well endowed ladies hope the girls don’t get pounded on opening.
I am grateful that I come from a dropzone that only believes in knocking your lights out with a pie to mark jump #100.

But then there are the SANS kids. They are a not-so-secret Society for the Advancement of Naked Skydiving, led by Jeff Dawson. Early subscribers probably remember an article by Mike Gruwell from Chuting Star, published in Issue #2 (August, 2009) called Rigging for the Naked Skydive*. This article gave some tips for how to safely conduct naked jumps, and the model featured and interviewed in the article was no other than Jeff.

He dropped us a note the other day to let us know he’d made his 386th naked skydive. Read on:

“Hiya Blue Skies Mag!
I made my 386th naked skydive today, marking the 112th consecutive month. Ground temp was about 20°F and the winds were 15-20 mph (wind chill = 4°F). There was a fresh inch of snow on the ground. Being the first jumpable day of the month, it was a no-brainer that I was going for it, I have to take whatever weather conditions I can. There have been months here in Wisconsin where the airplane only got in the air one day.
Another jumper mentioned that he had forgotten his UnderArmour so he might as well jump nekked. By the time the tandems were done and it was time for our load, a third and a fourth joined with a what-the-hell attitude. Granted we only went to 4,000′, but we all jumped naked. The newest jumper of the bunch got a little behind the wind and landed on the other side of the airport. The pilot taxied up to him and gave him a ride back. The funniest part was each of us trying to reel in our canopies after landing. The 20 mph winds and the snowy, slippery landing area combined and made it impossible to gather things in without looking like a first jump student. It was a challenge to stay on our feet.
One load later, the clouds rolled in and the winds picked up, ending jumping for the day. None of us suffered any ill effects or lost anything important.

Sky families are the best families. |


Well done Jeff – we salute you and your naked jumping in freezing temperature madness! Keep on keeping us posted! Oh and if you were hoping to come here to see naked photos of Roberta Mancino, sorry, no luck. Google is your friend.

*Copies are still available of that issue, contact Kolla if you would like to purchase one.

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