Learning to Fly – Again

As our subscribers know (well, those that have received Issue #16 by now at least), one of the Blue Skies Mag girls fell head over heals in love with paragliding a few weeks ago. That is one of the reasons this blog has been kind of quiet for the past week – I have been busy doing the fun stuff!

Below are a few pictures from a day flying on the sand dunes at Monterey Bay. Absolutely gorgeous place, friendly locals and a perfect site for a newbie like me, but still a lot of fun for the more advanced pilots.
If you have ever wanted to learn to paraglide, check out the guys at Cloud 9, just south of Salt Lake City, UT. They claim winter is an excellent time to learn, although if you live in Florida like we do, a trip to REI might be needed before hitting Utah. But don’t worry, they got that too just down the road.

Sky families are the best families. |

Enjoy the photos – that is Scott Roberts of Slipstream Airsports flying his Little Cloud at the dunes.

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