Record Time!

From Gillian Parker, hard core freefly chick, sprinkled with much awesomeness, reporting live from Arizona:

There is much to be thankful for at Skydive Arizona right now. The hangar is teeming with talent of the female freeflying variety, the skies are blue and clear, and a 39-way record attempt has been drawn out. Day 1 of the Women’s Vertical World Record Attempts is now officially in full effect.
The excitement is palpable, as the ladies gather to find out who is to make the first jump. The names of the women on the first attempt have just been announced, and ALL of the women are ready to get down to business. For a morning that has been touted by some to be the coldest Thanksgiving in 80 years, the exhilaration of being a part of these 4th WVWR attempts is more than enough to take away the chill…well, maybe not, but it sounds warmer to think that way.

First dirt dive has been completed. Everyone has their sight pictures locked in their mind’s eyes. It will be quite the vision to behold 39 women uniting in the sky from the Skyvan and her two trail planes. 60 minutes until a potential world record….

A few minutes later we got this one:

“Jump 1 is out of the way with a promising build that left just a few elements to tweak. In fact, more women were docked on this formation than were in the last record, for sure!

Sky families are the best families. |

The talent pool is present to do this, without a doubt! One of the more impressive aspects to this record is how negligible the difference in skill level is amongst the participants, making the task of assigning slots to so many capable women all the more challenging for the organizers of the event! Who would have thought that in just a few short years since the last attempts that the group of accomplished female badass freeflyers would have doubled?! Thank goodness for Steve Curtis keeping the firecrackers on the support team ready to swap in and out!

The debrief was a fast one, with the determination being made to keep things the same, just a bit faster….

10 minute call!”

Then, rudely enough, Gillian’s computer died an untimely death, and future updates with it. But, as the world knows by now, the girls went ahead and beat the old record of 20 by a landslide – 41 gorgeous skydiving chicks built the new one.
Congrats to everyone that participated in the record, both those that made it on it and all those that supported it and made it happen!

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