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What the Stache?

If your Facebook feed is anything like mine, for the past copule of weeks you have had to put up with relentless facial hair status updates – often complete with frightening pictures.
It’s because of Movember. The reason we put up with it is because it’s for a damn good cause: bringing attention to men’s health and raising funds for research (in particular of testicular and prostate cancer).
They Movember participants begin on November 1st, clean-shaven and smooth as a baby’s butt, and then grow a moustache for the ENTIRE month. 30 days of pruning, grooming and molding the fuzz into handlebars and all kinds of fanciness.
The movement started in 2003 in Australia (duh) over some beers (double duh) and has spread around the world. In 2009, they raised over $42 million (US) dollars for research, and you can only imagine how many ‘staches it took to raise that.

I’m sure there are a ton of skydivers participating in this, and honestly I think some talented organizer should put this on his/her calendar for next year – and do MoWays. Sort of in a “Jump for the Cause” spirit. I can just picture it… a giant ‘stache formation in the sky…. But I digress.
So yeah, whilst there are probably legions of incredibly handsome furry upper skydiving lips out there, I’m going to take the liberty of introducing here two contestants, waging a hairy battle as to which one can raise more money.

PD New Beginning

Readers, please meet Aubrey Easterlin and Dave Brown – two proud sky-stachers.

So there you have it.  We here at Blue Skies Mag have done our part and donated from our meager funds to each one of those honorable gentlemen.  You can do it too – any little dollar counts.  Simply click on their names above to be digitally transported to their respective MoSpace pages, and follow instructions for donations.
Prostates and testicles everywhere will thank you  – and so do we, because about 65% of our subscribers are male, and we want to keep them in good health.


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