We’ve redesigned our website a little, including a new Classifieds section! You people sure have a lot of used canopies. I’m sure we’ll continue to tweak things – for example, I might change the default view of the classifieds to see all the ads (Browse Ads) instead of listing by category.

So, how about a contest? First person to sell their gear on gets a t-shirt! This is on the honor system, so don’t be a lying wang. E-mail me at when you sell your Stiletto 107, 79 VXSpectre 150 (ooh, I might want that, actually) or anything else you haven’t posted yet but will as soon as you can figure out how to get the cat away from the mouse.

It’s been a long day, don’t judge me.

PD New Beginning

photo by mattjiggins

P.S. – That ‘photo by’ is another new-ish thing. We get lots of our photos from Flickr users who have set their photos to be commercially used, as long as we attribute their work. Click through, you might find a cool new photographer!


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