A-license to… ?!

Becoming a licensed skydiver is a pretty big deal – it signifies a milestone on a journey that started when you got that crazy idea in your head that jumping from airplanes was not just a good idea, but something super fun.
Once the student training is over, getting that much coveted A license (from USPA at least) signifies that you may jump without supervision, you have been cleared to pack your own main parachute and are allowed to take part in simple group jumps and have at least 25 jumps under your belt.
Before you put in your application, you have to check off all the requirements listed on the A-License proficiency card and received the signature AND official stamp on your proficiency card.
And this is where some dropzones get a little stamp-happy. Those of you that follow your favorite dropzones on Facebook have no doubt seen quite a few foreheads sporting that A-license stamp, but Skydive Palatka, FL recently got a little bit more creative…

PD New Beginning

Thanks to Andrew Eden (butt on the far left) from Australia, who started his AFF on August 21 and got stamped on September 5th for submitting this photo.
Congrats to Andrew, Beth and Clifford – and by all means do let us know when you send in for the B-license…. we expect another photo!!


  • Well I know Clifford and I both are B-licence already – water training on 22 Sep was our last requirement there. No rest for the wicked!

    My butt and licences are now back in Australia and missing the Palatka DZ!

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