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Sneak Peak

Issue number 14 is now carefully making it’s way to faithful subscribers around the world – if you don’t have yours yet, there are two possible explanations.
1. You haven’t subscribed yet (which can be easily fixed by going here or calling us at +1 386 259 0306)
– or –
2. Your mailman borrowed it for a couple of days for a, uh, quality control check.
In that case, try to be patient for a little while longer and see if it doesn’t show up shortly.

For those that haven’t gotten their grubby little hands on an issue yet, here is some of the awesome stuff you are missing out on:

PD New Beginning

  • Skydiving Mt. Everest – and why it’s worth every penny of the outrageous price, by Tom Noonan.
  • Project XRW – where impossibly awesome canopy pilots and stunt wingsuites do the impossible and dock on each other, by Taya Weiss.
  • Attending USPA Nationals for the first time – and doing some hard core competition – by Krisanne Combs.
  • Planning for going in – by the one and only Fuckin’ Pilot
  • How to thoroughly embarrass yourself in front of Craig Girard and live to tell the tale – by badass life coach Melanie Curtis.
  • Dirt diving the bottom end of your skydive – yes, we are talking about canopy flight here. Turns out that it’s somewhat important to have a plan for that part of the jump too – let Ian Drennan tell you all about it.
  • Meet Roger Allen from Alti-2 in 50 words or less, and still manage to be impressed.

And then there are some smaller news and information, a bunch of QR codes for those of you equipped with smart phones, some awesome photos and a snazzy centerfold. So go check it out and let us know what you think – especially if you have ideas for future issues.

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