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Your Goin’ In Plan

The fuckin’ pilot, Dean Ricci, brought up a funny little fact about all us skydivers: we think about weird things. More specifically, what will you do on the jump you know will be your last? It could be a commercial jet exploding in mid-air, realizing in freefall that you’re out of options, or whatever.

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Share your final jump plan in the comments below.


  • not my idea, but the best one i’ve read. take off one of your shoes and stuff it down your pants. it won’t help you a damn bit, but it’ll confuse the hell out of the rescue workers.

  • bail out of a boeing with my rig that i put in carry out luggage jump out with no air in my lungs coz ya so high up and come from a pressurised cabin they would explode and then mack it down to 14k in a sit then deploy high and find a landing spot and be like fuck yeah i survived

  • When I go in, it’ll be with nothing on but a WW2 leather flying hat and big flying goggles, jock strap, red high top tennis shoes with NO LACES in them, and a road flare in either hand. It’ll be like a COMET!

  • When I realize I’m all out of options, I’m tracking for my rigger’s pickup truck. If I’m gonna have a bad day, then for fuck’s sake, so is he!

  • My hair tried to kill me a little over a year ago, when my braid tangled with my pilot chute causing a horseshoe directly over my reserve container. I was going in. But, being the stubborn bitch that I am, I just kept working on it, deployed my reserve, and landed with my head tangled into my reserve risers. So what’s my plan? Just keep doing something, dammit. There are always more options.

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