Foiled Plans

Turns out some of our readers have a bit of a prankster streak in them, and this time around they brought Blue Skies Mag in on the shenanigans.
Below you can see a video and a couple of photos from the bedroom of a certain pretty well known skydiver.  No no no no, not THAT kind of video, you perv!
The footage documents what may happen when you leave home for a little bit and some of the unscrupulous characters you call ‘friends’ find themselves with a bit of time and tinfoil on their hands.  (that’s aluminium foil for you proper speaking out there, same thing really, get over it)

So, what we want you to do, dear reader, is to figure out two things:
1.  Whose room is it?   (we are looking for the name of a somewhat-well-known-skydiver here)
2.  Who dun it?   (identify the prankster(s), based on tools chosen and/or any insider information you might dig up).
3.  And for bonus points, how much foil was used?   (If Prankster A starts with one 300 ft tinfoil roll at the foot of the bed and Prankster B leaves on a plane from Cleveland, traveling at the speed of a standard Delta aircraft…).

PD New Beginning

Anyway, lets get to it.  Take a good hard look at the evidence and then leave your guesses in the comments below, or if you prefer, in the corresponding comment section on our Facebook page.
You may play the video as many times as you need, and for a bigger view of the photos, click the thumbnails.

Best of luck my dear Watsons – and first one to guess the rightful owner of the foiled bedroom wins a Blue Skies Mag helmet decal.   Ohhh yeah, now the game really becomes worth playing!

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